Omar al bashir gets test of own medicine at kobar prison

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Sudan’s ousted president Omar al-Bashir has been reportedly moved to Kobar prison. The prison is located in the capital of Sudan; Khartoum. The family sources revealed that Al bashir was moved to the prion in the late hours of Tuesday.

Test of own medicine?

The sources further revealed that Al bashir is being held under very tight security in solitary confinement. It can be remembered that Kibor is the same prison where Al bashir kept other political prisoners during his active days as president. His own regime reportedly tortured and executed many of the people seen as dissents.

Detained in Presidential residence

Since his dramatic removal from Sudan’s power by the military last week, Al bashir had been detained under heavy guard. He was detained in the presidential residence, same compound hat houses the defense ministry.

Civilian Rule

Omar was ousted after several months of public protests in the Capital of Khartoum and other regions of Sudan. The Sudanese people have since demanded for a civilian rule after head of the defence announced that the military may rule the country in a transition government. The demands by the Sudanese masses saw the head of military resign and agree to a a formative civilian rule.

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