Kenyans react angrily to simcard switch-off over Huduma Namba

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Thousands of Kenyans have given their reactions to the government’s unpopular directive rehearing Huduma Namba registration. The Kenyan government, through the Communications Authority of Kenya on Thursday announced plans to switch off sim cards of those who fail to register for the famous Huduma Namba.

Kenyans took the discussion to social media, angrily reacting to the infamous directive. While others faulted the directive, others went as far as quoting a court ruling prior to the launch pf the exercise.

A Kenyan court ruled that Huduma Namba registration was not a mandatory exercise and should not have deadlines compelling Kenyans to register.

A local television’s tweet that sparked the social media reactions read as follows:

“Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) has said that the government will switch off phone sim-cards whose owners fail to register for Huduma Namba by May 18,

Here are some reactions from the Kenyan citizens on twitter.


This latest directive by the government of Kenya has mainly been viewed as illegal; in relation to the court ruling that happened on 1st of April 2019.

While some Kenyans felt this was a threat to compel citizens to register for the number, others referred to their religious teachings about the infamous 666 number. Some claim that the Huduma Namba service was the “mark of the beast” mentioned in the biblical book of revelations.

This religious theory has however been vehemently denied by the government as well as the opposition leaders who support the idea.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta states that there was no connection whatsoever between the registration project and biblical writings. He said this during the popularized launch of the exercise on April 2nd 2019, just a day after the court ruling.


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