Uganda’s presidential age limit supreme court ruling

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Uganda’s presidential age limit ruling by the Supreme court  is expected on Thursday this week. This will be a ruling by the highest court of the land following a petition served at the court against the proposed extension of age limit for one to vie for presidency in the country.

Critical to Museveni’s 2021 term

The ruling is very critical to the current president Yoweri Museveni. this is because it is seen as a significant determinant of whether or not the incumbent will be vying for the presidency in 20121.

Majority vote

Lats year, the Ugandan parliament passed a majority vote in agreement on the proposed presidential age limit. The members of parliament, many of whom are from the incumbent’s National Resistance movement party passed the proposal to extend the age limit. This implied that president Museveni, aged 74 was open to run for yet another term come 2021. The NRM party already cleared the incumbent to run for yet another term in office, with direct nomination.

Respect for rule of law

Even though a section of Uganda’s opposition leaders were opposed to the proposal, the parliamentary majority passed it already. this therefore leaves the Supreme Court with the greatest responsibility of determining the fate of the age limit debate. More so, the ruling will showcase the existing relationship in regard to the rule of law and separation of power among the Judiciary, the executive and the legislature.
Technically, the executive and the legislature have both already pronounced their stand on the matter.  It is therefore up to the Supreme court to break the ice; or otherwise, set the path for the next course of action in the Ugandan political scene.

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